Recognised by HMRC Inland Revenue as Energy Saving!

Benefits of SecoTHERM

Improves the thermal efficiency of the masonry by keeping it dry (potential heat loss of up to 30%).

Maintains the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation.

Reduces heat loss.

Offers a self cleaning surface.

Slows down the aging of brickwork.

Less susceptible to the growth of microorganisms and algal bloom.

Great insulation

The treatment has been designed to insulate your home’s mineral building materials and achieves this by reducing the level of water absorption. Once it has been applied to your walls, the product will then bond with the surface and form an insulation barrier. The wall coating can penetrate your walls up to 17mm.

Allows your walls to breathe

A huge benefit of this wall coating is that it allows for both air and moisture to pass through your walls which allows the property to breathe naturally. This helps to improve the insulation properties and thermal conductivity of your home. Studies have shown that having 5% damp in your walls can impact your property’s insulation performance up to 50%. Damp walls will let out energy and heat to escape from your home. Cleans itself

Did you know that SecoTHERM wall coating has self-cleaning properties?

Dirt will not be able to remain on your property’s brickwork and will fall off with the rain, thus keeping your masonry clean. This works on all sides of the property even those expose to the weather, shade or areas where there is a high level of humidity or air with a high sea salt level.

How wet walls become thermal bridges

Brick, natural stone and other masonry materials used for walls have great insulation properties due to their porous nature. These walls are built with cavities filled with air for low thermal conductivity but only when the walls are dry. When the walls become wet, they allow for more heat to be transferred away from your home. secoTHERM wall insulation combats this phenomenon.

The Steps We Take For Your Protected Walls

Before we start, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property’s external walls. During this time, we will note down any problematic areas.

Once you have agreed to our quote, we will start work by power washing the designated areas. This is a vital step as it gets rid of mould, mildew, dirt, soot, flaky paint and even foreign substrates that have built up over the years. The power washing will also flag up any walls that need further repair.

If our team find algae or moss on your walls, these will be treated using strong fungicidal agents that are designed to eliminate roots and spores while stopping them growing again.

For SecoTherm to be successful, the surfaces must be properly prepared. The team will ground open or cut any cracks in the walls then apply quality filler for a smooth surface. If needed, the team will remove and re-render any walls so that they are a match of the existing surface.

For SecoTherm to be successful, the surfaces must be properly prepared. The team will ground open or cut any cracks in the walls then apply quality filler for a smooth surface. If needed, the team will remove and re-render any walls so that they are a match of the existing surface.

If the surfaces of your walls have been poorly painted or are of a bad quality, we will have to stabilise them. We will do so by applying a SBR/Unibond Bag Coat to the designated surface, which will give your walls improved adhesive performance and stabilise them at the same time. The team will cover your areas not being sprayed such as windows, doors, guttering etc. with heavy-duty paper and masking tape to stop overspray. For those areas that are particularly weak, we will use tarpaulin and dust sheets.

Once the surfaces have been prepared, a primer will then be applied to the external walls for a long-lasting finish and an excellent bond to the property’s substrate. Coating Application Once our team are happy that your surfaces are ready and primed, they will then apply the SecoTherm wall coating in the desired colour and texture. We will spray-apply the wall coating with the latest machinery which assures a quick application and a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

After your walls have been coated and dried, the team will then clean and tidy the site. We will then take you for a tour detailing the work that has been completed.

Why choose us?

We are fully licenced & approved applicators to carry out wall coating installations on their behalf. With years of experience in home improvements, we have both the skills and expertise required to complete all jobs to a high standard. No property is too big or small for our team to complete.

More benefits than ANY other Wall Coating. So what are the facts?

SecoTHERM Protects Masonry, Brick and Stone Work From Penetrating Damp

Protect your masonry and facade with secoTHERM®. It is extremely water repellent and reduces penetrating damp by more than 95%. Improve the thermal resistance of your exterior walls and optimize your heating needs.

How Does SecoTHERM Masonry Paint Work?

Imagine taking a casserole out of the oven with a wet dishcloth. You will burn your hands very quickly… come on, we have all done it! Now try taking the casserole out of the oven with a dry cloth. Suddenly you can handle the cookware for much longer. This is because heat transfers through something wet nearly 3 times faster than something dry.

The same happens when you wear wet clothes. Wet clothes make you feel cold and you have to use more energy to try and get warm. This is why we shiver! This is also happening to our homes!

Wet walls = Cold buildings

Wet bricks convey heat 2.5 times faster than dry bricks, resulting in higher energy bills – 35% or more of our heat is lost through our walls.

Our unique transparent masonry paint, SecoTHERM guarantees to slow down this process, lowers thermal conductivity for at least in excess of 20 years!

A SecoTHERM installation creates a thermal barrier that does not let heat escape as readily, keeping your home warmer and more energy efficient. Take a look at the image below:

On the image to the right, the white spots and lighter yellow areas show how much heat is escaping from the property. This is wasted energy which costs you MONEY!

Now look on the the left hand side of building, this has been treated with SecoTHERM transparent masonry paint. The darker orange means less heat is escaping through the wall. Unlike other basic masonry paints, a SecoTHERM treatment is proven in tests to slow down this process, saving property owners energy and money.

SecoTHERM also enhances the look and appearance of your home as it creates a self-cleaning surface which protects against dirt, pollution, moss and algal growth

Superior Technology & Durability

SecoTHERM is developed to the highest standards and is THE ULTIMATE WEATHER PROTECTION for bare masonry walls, stone & bricks.

Water and UV degradation are the two key elements in the damage of masonry surfaces. SecoTHERM however is completely unaffected by UV rays and the unique formula creates a barrier against water while the exterior wall surface remains permeable to water vapour.

Preventing water ingress through exterior walls and bricks can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Porous building materials such as natural stone, bricks, solid brick etc normally have good insulating properties because they have air-filled cavities which offer low thermal conductivity.


Thermal conductivity tests were carried out by the Danish Technological Institute. A typical clay brick was tested. An untreated brick went from 0.795 W/mK to a secoTHERM treated brick 0.196 W/mK

The thermal conductivity in SecoTHERM coated bricks were lowered by approx. 70-75% when tested according to DS/EN ISO 15148

Guaranteed Proven Performance

Water absorption can be minimised dramatically by having SecoTHERM installed on your property. On a porous brick the water absorption will be reduced by more than 95%!

SecoTHERM has been tested to EN ISO 15148:2002, demonstrating it’s hygrothermal* performance on concrete, mortar, brick and sandstone.

*Hygrothermal pertains to the movement of heat and moisture through buildings

The product penetrates deeply into the substrate and offers protection for many years*

*20 Year guarantee – When installed by an Approved Applicator

The product is proven to save 30% or more of heat escaping through your walls depending on the porosity of the masonry.

SecoTHERM has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute for it’s thermal properties and has been PROVEN in test to reduce energy consumption.

Remember the less heat that escapes through your walls, the more energy efficient your property becomes.