“The UK has some of the highest heating bills in Europe because homes are so poorly insulated” – BBC News

Protection from Salt Corrosion

Salts corrode masonry brickwork. SecoFLEX however can protect your property from damaging salts, also known as Chloride, which are found in coastal environments and in the salts used to grit roads in winter which can easily splash properties.

Influence of Chloride on The Corrosion of Concrete

Damaging chloride salts can enter your wall areas for a number of reasons, through prolonged coastal exposure, through exposure to wet stray salts from the roads in winter and through the use of hygroscopic salts i.e. calciumchloride to give the concrete a faster hardening.

More benefits than ANY other Wall Coating or Masonry Paint!


Waterproof Coating

All of our coatings are 100% waterproof and fully microporous. This means your property can still “breathe” whilst remaining dry. If you want to protect not only your home but save a vast amount of money on your bills then click here to contact us and we will be only too happy to provide more information.


Self Cleaning

Our exterior wall coatings guarantee to leave you with a beautiful home that will last for many years before routine maintenance is needed due to the self-cleaning surface of the coatings. There are many other features that will be beneficial to not only your athsetics but your bank account too.

100% waterproof

SecoFLEX wall coatings are 100% waterproof


The formulas 400% elasticity results in the permanent bridging of cracks & fissures.


The wall coating creates a constantly breathing system which provides sufficient permeability to water vapour, allowing walls to “breathe”.