Here is the problem:

Here is the problem solved:

Proven Performance:

Water ingress is minimised dramatically by treating with SecoMUR. On Porous building materials the water absorbtion will be reduced by more than 95%

The efficiency of SecoMUR has been tested to WTA and CSTC and was found to be an “excellent” treatment for rising damp that will last for many years.

The most common symptoms of rising damp include:

  • Plaster and paint deterioration
  • Wallpaper peeling away from the wall
  • Salts and stains appearing on the walls
  • Mortar and plaster falling away from affected area
  • “Musty” odour around the home.

SecoMUR is engineered with nano microFORMULA technology, which achieves a deep penetration and “Cross-Link” effect in the interior of the wall. It is the ultimate damp proof course against rising damp.

After drilling a series of holes as close as possible to ground level, SecoMUR is injected, creating a horizontal barrier against rising damp.

Benefits of a SecoMUR Installation:

  • Superior “MicroFORMULA” technology – Long lasting cure
  • Deep penetration creates an active barrier in all directions
  • Cost effective affordable solution
  • Quick and clean application
  • Enables properties to dry out naturally allowing for redecoration
  • Creates a more pleasant environment in which to live

Remember: Untreated rising damp can cause respiratory illnesses for the the tenant or homeowner. Failure to treat rising damp properly can result in a house that is unpleasant to live in or difficult to sell.

More benefits than ANY other Wall Coating or Masonry Paint!